Thursday, August 26, 2010

3?aK Episode 33: Tori Amos

Back in 2007, when I was the music writer for College Times, Kip Winger blew me off for an interview because he was on “vocal lockdown.” I didn’t want to see the questions I’d prepared go to waste, so for the next year, I asked everyone I interviewed if they’d be willing to get into character and answer the following “Three Questions as Kip.”

If you're new to 3?aK and want a more detailed history of how this project came to be, click here.

OK, now that you're up to speed, let's get on with the show. Playing the role of Kip Winger for this installment of 3?aK will be singer/songwriter/pianist Tori Amos.

3?aK Episode 33: Tori Amos

1. We've already seen disco and '80s synth pop make comebacks. Do you think a hair metal renaissance is right around the corner?

Well, I think something with hair is around the corner. And the reason for this is because guys on my crew have… you know there’s less balding going on. And I’m noticing all kinds of, hmm - what would you say? – infusions that are getting taken or used to grow hair. So I would say something with hair is definitely on the horizon. But the music? No.

2. Can you let our readers in on your secret to maintaining the perfect 5 o'clock shadow?

What’s a 5 o’clock shadow? [I explain 5 o’clock shadow to Tori.] Oh, is it a perfect growth of beard? But don’t you wanna see the chicks the next morning that he sees at 11 that night and what their face looks like? Because I had boyfriends that had a bit of that and you know, there was always a little bit of, um, you know you’re gonna pay for it the next day. And you have to sit and think “Well, was it worth it?” And sometimes, if I’m honest with you, yeah it was, and sometimes it wasn’t. But then, of course, you gotta kind of sort your face out until you get the next guy with the 5 o’clock shadow.

3. What have you been up to for the last 15 years?

Oh. Now am I Kip Winger or am I me? [I remind Tori of the 3?aK premise.] Okay. I’ve been shagging my way around the planet and with every shag that I’ve had, I have grown to respect women in ways that I never had before. I’ve begun to worship women and honor them. And I’ve chosen to stay in contact with every woman I’ve shagged and I send all of them presents on their birthday and Christmas.

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